Top 10 Things Chilliwack Business Owners Need For A Successful Website

Check out the top-10 list of things your website needs to make sure the exciting process of launching your new website goes as easily and smoothly as possible.

1. Killer Content

Content is the written content that you have on your website. Content can be a mission statement, you can talk about your business, tell your customers what products you offer, how they can find you, or any number of things. Think about what content you want to feature on your site and what you want to tell the whole wide world.

2. Eye Popping Media

Do you have pictures of your storefront or products that you’d love to show off? Pictures, logos, and videos make a website pop! It’s a good idea to have these things prepared before you launch your website so you’ll have something to show off.

3. Organization Station

What pages do you want your website to have? A good website will be separated into different pages, like a contact page, about page, products page, testimonials page etc. Think about how you want your site organized and what pages would benefit your business.

4. Looks That Kill

How do you want your website to look? Is your business a classy restaurant, or a construction company? We offer over 50 designs to choose from, so you can pick the one that looks the best for your business. They all have a different look and feel, and don’t forget, we can customize your website colors to match your business exactly.

5. Unforgettable Domain Name

Every website needs a domain name. This is what people will know your website by. Most commonly, you want to choose your business name as your domain name (ie. Make it catchy, you won’t want to change it later on.

6. Contactibility

Yeah, we know it’s a word, but you need people to get in touch with you, so you need some email addresses. You could have each person in your organization have their own personalized email address (ie., or have different ones for different sectors of your business (ie.,,

7. Powerful Content Management System

A good website company will offer you a content management system (CMS) so you can control your website anytime you need to add/edit content. Chilliwack Design sets you up with an easy to use content management system and offers free training so you can take full control of it. If you can write an email, you can use the CMS to make changes to your site, like tell customers about new products, or talk about new events happening with your business.

8. Cool Features

Features are more than just text and pictures. They add functionality to your site, and let your website users interact with you. They could be an interactive Google Map so customers can find your business, a contact form so they can inquire about your products, a slideshow of pictures that show off your business, background music, or any number of things. Chilliwack Design can integrate these features into your site and is all part of the website packages that we offer.

9. Irresistible Call To Action

A call to action is like a goal. It’s something you want your customers to do while they are on your website. What is your main goal that you want your website to accomplish? It could be getting a customer to fill out a contact form, ordering a product, or downloading a brochure from your site. Every business will have a different call to action, so it’s up to you to decide what you want to your visitors to do.

10. A Website Company That Does It All

Your website is a reflection of the way you run your business in the customer’s eyes. Launching a website doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It’s an exciting chance for you to reach new customers and show off all your hard work you’ve put into your business. Chilliwack Design offers a fun, easy, and reliable way to get your professional looking and functional website up and running at an affordable rate.


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