Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Pricing

Content Marketing

Blog Posts

    • 500 words of unique content
    • Automatic posting to blog
    • Links on Twitter and Facebook
    • Appropriate keywords/tags added
    • Focus keywords set
    • Meta title/description set
    • $80 each

Press Releases

    • Report on a news story about the company
    • High quality link to your website
    • Visibility in Google, Yahoo and Bing
    • Visibility on major news sites like Yahoo News and Topix
    • Viewed by over 250,000 news subscribers, plus 30,000 journalists and bloggers
    • Distribution to premium online publishers like, StreetInsider, International Business Times, etc.
    • $450 each

Ebook/White Paper Creation

    • 5-10 pages of unique content that represents you as an authority figure in your industry
    • Search engine optimized topic
    • Appropriate charts/graphs/images included
    • $600 each

Landing Page Creation

Landing page optimization includes creating a page for a specific advertising campaign. Landing pages are created to promote a specific product or service with a call-to-action. The call-to-action can be to get the user to call, email, buy a product, or fill out a form.

    • Content creation
    • Consulting
    • Stock imagery
    • Photography (iPhone quality)
    • Form creation
    • Landing page design (page layout, text-formatting, icons, focus on call-to-action)
    • Consulting
    • Search engine optimization (optimizing page for keywords and quality score for paid advertising campaigns)
    • Because each landing page is unique, this service is billed at an hourly rate of $60/hr. Depending on the length and how in-depth your landing page is, an estimate can be provided in advance.



Social Media Marketing


    • You choose the tone
    • Can be automatically posted or scheduled
    • Topics can engage, ask a question, provide a tip, call to action, or link to an article/image/video
    • 25 Tweets for $75


    • You choose the tone
    • Can be automatically posted or scheduled
    • Topics can engage, ask a question, provide a tip, call to action
    • Links, images or videos can also be embedded
    • 1-2 sentences in length
    • 25 Posts for $125

Paid Advertising

Google Adwords

    • Competitive analysis
    • Keyword research
    • Keyword list creation (200-500 keywords)
    • Text ad creation
    • Up to 3 ad groups per campaign. For example, a car dealership could have 3 separate campaigns for new trucks, used trucks, and mechanical service. The campaign for used trucks could have 3 ad groups in it for Chevrolet Ford and Dodge. A campaign is a broad match, an ad group is a drilled-down specific match for certain keywords.
    • Each additional ad group added to a campaign is $25 to setup and manage each month.
    • Your ads will trigger when users search for your competitors
    • Analytics included
    • Conversion tracking installed
    • $395 setup fee per campaign (includes first month of maintenance)
    • $99 monthly maintenance fee

Facebook Ads

    • Choose to pay per click or pay per 1000 impressions
    • Text ad and image creation
    • Research and set target market
    • Analytics included
    • Conversion tracking installed
    • $150 setup fee per campaign (includes first month of maintenance)
    • 10% of click-through charges monthly management fee, or $100 minimum per campaign

Campaign Management

What’s Included?

    • Monitoring and managing your list of keywords
    • Removing keywords that don’t convert well
    • Increasing ad spend for keywords that do convert well
    • Checking quality scores of ads
    • Consulting on landing page content to improve quality scores
    • Split testing different advertisements to see what ones work better
    • Managing ad spend to remain on budget
    • Tracking conversion results through Google Analytics



On-site Search-Engine Optimization

Initial Setup

    • Initial site analysis
    • Install Google Analytics
    • Install Sitemap
    • Enable permalinks (search engine friendly hyperlinks)
    • Install Google webmaster tools
    • Add Facebook Insights (how your users interact with your Facebook page and website)
    • $100 base fee

Included For Each Page/Post

    • Page analysis
    • Search engine friendly title
    • Search engine friendly description
    • Set focus keyword
    • Check keyword density and tweak content if necessary
    • Include internal and external links within content if necessary
    • Customize Facebook description (for people that share your page/post)
    • (Post optimization is included with our blog post creation service.)
    • $30 per page (ie. $300 for a 10-page site)

Email Marketing

Initial Setup

    • Email signup form integrated into website
    • MailChimp account setup
    • Email template design
    • Email marketing analytics
    • $400

Newsletter Content

    • Unique content, images and links created for each newsletter.
    • Automatic sending
    • Analytics reporting for each newsletter
    • $100 per newsletter

Google Places Optimization

    • Google Places listing creation
    • Show up on Google Maps
    • Customize your business landing page with business photos, description, hours, location, focus keywords, and reviews (if provided by client).
    • Please note: Your Google Places page may take up to 2 weeks to appear in the search results. Google must first send you a confirmation code via regular mail to confirm your business address. This confirmation code must be applied to your account before your listing will appear.
    • $120

Billing Details

All payments must be made out to “Chilliwack Design”, with the following exceptions:
Google Adwords & Facebook Paid Advertising Campaigns: Monthly maintenance fees for managing your paid advertising account must be paid to Chilliwack Design. Your ad spend will be automatically billed to your credit card by Google Adwords or Facebook, respectively.

For example, if you spent $1000 on your advertising campaign with Google Adwords, $1000 would be billed by Google, and $100 plus tax (10% monthly maintenance fee) would be billed by Chilliwack Design. Your invoice would look like this:

$1000.00 Google Adwords ad spend
$100.00 Chilliwack Design monthly maintenance fee
Sub-total: $1100.00
Tax (PST, GST). (Only applied to Chilliwack Design’s fee): $12.00
Total: $1112.00

Monthly billing for ongoing services:
Payments for services can be paid by cash, cheque, PayPal or be automatically billed to your credit card. Payment must be made in full at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle.