Professional Website Package To Do List


Congratulations on choosing your website package! We’ve come up with a list of things we’ll need from you to complete your website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.



Hosting with Us?

I purchased hosting with my website package: We need to know what domain name you’d like registered. Also let us know what email addresses you would like us to create (up to 5). For example: We’ll take care of the rest!


Hosting Elsewhere?

I already have a hosting account for my website: Please provide us with your hosting account login details so we can upload your website.


Website Pages

List the pages you’d like on your site, up to 8. For example:

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Contact
  4. Photo Gallery




Website Content

Once you’ve decided on the pages for your website, we’ll need text and images for each one. For example, the About page could feature an overview of your company and a picture of your store. We need your content for each page on the site except for the Photo Gallery.


Website Colours


What colours would you like to use on your site? Keep it to 3 main colours, or if you have a logo, let us know and we can match the site to your brand colours.


Homepage Slideshow


What images (up to 5) do you want to showcase on the homepage of your site? The homepage slideshow will make the first impression on your users. If you don’t have specific images you’d like to use, then give us an idea of some stock photos or message you’d like to convey.




Web Graphics


What 2 custom web graphics would you like us to create for your site? This does not include a logo. A web graphic can promote a specific product or service, or can be used as a call to action: “Call Now!”, “Shop Now!”. View some examples of web graphics for some inspiration.


Google Maps


If you want to show your business on a map, please provide us with your address so we can plot your location on a Google map and users can easily get directions.




If you have any time sensitive news updates, monthly specials, or notices you’d like to post, send them to us so we can add them to your blog. Each blog post must have a title, description and image, if necessary.






If you want to link to other sites (ie. resources, partners or sponsors), provide us with the URL, title and description and image if necessary for each one, up to 10.


Photo Galleries


We will create up to 3 photo galleries for you so let us know what you’d like to call them. Also be sure to send us the photos you’d like to add and what galleries they belong to.




If you have a Facebook page, let us know the URL so we can embed it into your site.






If you have a Twitter account, let us know your Twitter URL or account name so we can embed your tweets into your site.


Contact Page


Please provide us with your contact info and/or a custom message you’d like displayed on the contact form page (ie. phone number, store hours, email address, location etc.)




Overview Checklist

    1. Hosting with us? We’ll need to know the domain name you’d like registered, and the email addreses you’d like setup.
    2. Hosting elsewhere? We’ll need your hosting account login info so we can upload your site.
    3. List the pages you’d like on your site.
    4. Send us the content for each page. Each page needs:
      1. title
      2. description
      3. image(s)
    5. Choose up to 3 colours for your site.
    6. Select up to 5 images for your homepage slideshow (a user’s first impression of your organization).
    7. Provide us with ideas for 2 custom graphics (promoting products/services or a “call to action”).
    8. Your organization’s address for Google Maps.
    9. News updates, monthly specials or time sensitive updates for your blog. Each blog post needs:
      1. title
      2. description
      3. image(s)
    10. Links to other sites if you have them. Each link needs:
      1. URL
      2. title
      3. description (optional)
      4. image (optional)
    11. Photo Galleries:
      1. Names for up to 3 photo galleries
      2. Photos for each of your photo galleries
    12. Your Facebook page URL.
    13. Your Twitter account name or URL.
    14. Contact page information (phone number, store hours, email address, location etc.)