Logo Design

If you’re looking to define your organization’s brand, then the best place to start is with a new logo!


Expect 5-10 unique logo mockups

Our team of designers will come up with approximately 5-10 unique design mockups for your logo. This gives you the choice to choose what direction you want your logo to go in. Working with several designers also allows us to give your logo a fresh perspective instead of being stuck with one designer’s vision.

Logo Mockups

100% vector/scalable logo

Your logo will be 100% vector meaning it will always remain crisp and professional looking no matter what size it’s scaled to. Raster images lose quality when they are resized, but whether you use your logo on a postage stamp or a billboard it will always look sharp.

Raster vs. Vector Logos


All logo types available

We can design all sorts of logo types depending on your preference. Here are a few common ones to choose from: Johnny Canuck = mascot. McDonalds = letter form. Nike = abstract. Starbucks = emblem. Jaguar = pictorial. What one(s) do you like?

Logo Types

2 week turnaround time

If you’re starting a new business, or simply refreshing your old logo, chances are you’ve got other things on your to-do list besides getting your logo design. That’s why we offer a two-week turnaround time from the day the 50% upfront deposit is received.

Turnaround Time


View some of our recent logos


The Logo Design Process

    • Meet at Starbucks
    • Creative Brief
    • 50% upfront deposit
    • Designers at work (3-5 days)
    • Initial mockups sent to you
    • Revisions made based on your feedback
    • Revised mockups sent for your review
    • You choose your favourite design
    • Final tweaks made based on your feedback
    • Final design presented
    • Remaining 50% balance due
    • Your logo files delivered!

Get Your Logo Designed!

Now that you’re ready to get your new logo designed, it’s time to take the next step!

Contact us today to setup a time to talk more about your logo requirements over a cup of coffee!