How To Create Your Own Profitable Ebook

You Can Create an Autopilot Income

As a small business owner in Chilliwack, chances are you’re passionate about what you do and wouldn’t mind the chance to make some extra income – even while you’re sleeping. Creating and promoting an ebook is a great way to share your knowledge about your niche and make money doing it.

Plan Ahead

The key to writing an ebook is choosing your niche carefully. Whether for fun, or profit, you have to narrow your scope of what you’re talking about, or you’ll lose interest and so will your readers. This requires some careful planning and brainstorming. Before diving into writing an ebook, choose exactly what your ebook will focus on and create some ideas for some sub sections. The more time you spend narrowing your focus for your ebook and creating a framework for it, the more successful it will be.


Use lots of subheadings, and always include a table of contents. Make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for, because a good ebook is an organized ebook . When I’m writing an ebook, I also like to include an introduction thanking them for their purchase and to get them pumped up for what they’re about to learn. I also like to end with a conclusion to wrap things up and provide the reader with an option to contact me with any feedback or questions they have.


I work on two screens so I can have Google open in one window, and Google Docs open in the other. This lets me research in one screen, and write in the other. I also keep a folder in my bookmarks toolbar to bookmark any important articles I want to reference back to. I always make sure to name them properly so I remember why I bookmarked them in the first place.

Warming Up

Even for seasoned writers, their brains need to warm up before they start writing the good stuff. Before I do any writing, I sit down in the morning with my coffee and read through Google Reader for a list of posts from my favorite sites. Reading posts and articles from sites you look up to will help kick start your brain and get you in the writing mood. I also like to reference The Best of Craigslist for some creative writing inspiration. Some of the rants make me laugh out loud and are just so well put together, it inspires me to loosen the reins and write more freely.

Write Now, Edit Later

The important thing about writing your ebook, is to just WRITE. Let all your thoughts spill out and edit out the crap later. Your brain will get confused if you’re trying to be creative one minute, and be technical and edit your work the next. This will stifle your creativity! Once you get into your groove, you’ll find the words will just flow effortlessly onto the paper. When you just write, you’ll find you’ll get into the zone and produce better content.


I like to use lots of screenshots to illustrate my points, especially for a step-by-step guide such as the Pipes Tutorial. I find it easier to do all the writing first, and make notes in the margin for screenshot or picture ideas. If you bounce back and forth between writing and searching all over the Internet for pictures, you’ll lose your focus and things won’t come out as clearly.

Flickr Is Your Friend

Don’t pay for stock photos to use in your ebook. Flickr offers pictures under the creative commons license that you can use for profit, free of charge. That means the photographer has given you permission to use their photo any way you see fit. Pretty cool huh?

Selling Your Ebook

A good ebook deserves a good landing page. Your landing page (or website) will include all the information people need to know to buy your book. This is your chance to put your sales skills to work and create a convincing sales copy to make people hit that “Buy Now” button. Free bonuses, testimonials, contact page, privacy policy, and terms and conditions pages are all good to have on your website and will instill confidence in your buyer. Spend time creating a sleek landing page and sales copy to promote your book, as first impressions definitely count here.

Promoting Your Ebook

Clickbank is a popular platform that ebook publishers use to promote and sell their ebook online. Clickbank takes care of all the payment processing so you don’t have to, and deposits money directly into your account from the sales of your ebook every week. They’ll even take care of the affiliate program for your ebook. Affiliates can choose to promote your ebook for a commission if you choose. Before you signup for Clickbank, you’ll need to setup a landing page (website) for your ebook that tells potential clients about it. This is your chance to work your sales magic.

Need Some Help?

Chilliwack Design not only designs website, we write convincing sales copy too. If you have an idea you’d like to get out there, let us know and we can do everything from writing your ebook, to promoting it – so you get paid, even when you’re asleep. If you need help launching your ebook, so you can begin sharing your knowledge about your niche and getting paid for it, give us a shout today.


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