Facebook Advertising Campaign Management Pricing

So you want to advertise on Facebook?

We can help you spread the word about your business, whether you’re having a big sale, want to promote a certain product or service, or just want to create general awareness about your brand. Here’s what we offer with our Facebook advertising campaign management:



Choose Your Budget

Choose Your Advertising BudgetYou choose what you spend. Unlike fixed pricing for static advertising, with Facebook ads, you choose your budget. Spend as little or as much as you want to get your message across. The more you spend, the more targeted people see your ad. You can adjust your budget at anytime.

Target Your Ads

Target Your Facebook AdsUsing keyword research, and demographics we can target your Facebook ad only to people who are likely to be your next customer. Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook ads can be targeted by age, gender, location, and interests that align with your business and organization.

Analytics Reporting

Analytics ReportingUnlike advertising on the radio, TV, a billboard, or in the newspaper, you’ll be able to track exact stats to see how your Facebook ad campaign is performing. You’ll be able to track how many people have clicked on your ad, who’s shared it with their friends, if they looked at any of your photos, visited your website, or have friends that “liked” your page because they saw your ad.


Custom Graphic Design

Custom Graphic DesignAd design. Ad space is precious. You pay by the pixel (which is about the size of a grain of sand). Slapping your logo up on an ad, isn’t enough to get people to buy now-a-days. Each ad has to be carefully thought out, no matter how small the space is. Something to grab a person’s attention. Not too overwhelming, not too generic. Something that works. That something depends on your business and what you’re advertising. Each ad campaign is unique, and that’s why we custom design each ad to suit your business.

Ad Copy Creation

Ad Copy CreationCreating a compelling ad that grabs attention and has a strong call-to-action is one of the first steps in getting customers to engage with your ad. Ad space is limited, so we make sure every word counts.

Schedule Your Ads

Schedule Your AdsNeed to have your ad campaign start or end at a specific time? No problem. We can schedule your campaign down to the minute.


Pay Per Click or By Ad Impressions

Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-1000-ImpressionsThe great thing about Facebook advertising is you can choose your preference when it comes to ad spending. Pay-per-click so that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, regardless of how many times your ad gets viewed. Or, pay per 1000 ad views, regardless of how many times people click on your ad. We’ll help you choose the best decision depending on the products or services you’re advertising, and what you’re advertising goals are.

Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchDid you know you can do keyword research on Facebook to target your customers? For example, if you sell car audio equipment, we can target your ads using specific keywords used on peoples profiles. We’re going to go out on a limb, and say that people with the interests of cars, music and electronics have a higher chance of purchasing car audio equipment from you, rather than people who enjoy knitting, lawn bowling, and crossword puzzles. Make sense?

Monthly Meeting

Monthly MeetingAn in-person meeting each month to go over your ad campaign analytics. We’ll talk about how your ads are performing, whether you’re reaching your target audience, if you’re reaching your conversion goals, and what we can do each month to keep improving your campaign. If in-person meetings don’t work for you, we can arrange monthly phone meetings, or simply a summary of the results via email.


Website Consultation

Website Landing Page ConsultationIf you’re sending people to your website, it better be optimized. There needs to be a clear “call to action” to engage people and give them a purpose to connect with your company. People are busy. They don’t have time to process your entire website and “guess” at why they clicked on your ad in the first place. When people click on an ad, the landing page should be concise, to the point, and people should be motivated to contact you or buy your product/service. We’ll take a look at your website, and consult on whether you can improve your landing page based on your offer so you not only get people clicking on your ad, but becoming your next customer.

Performance Testing

Performance A/B Split TestingTest. Test. Test. Ever heard of A/B testing? Well you have now. A/B testing is used to determine what advertisement converts better.It’s as simple as that. We will create multiple ads that sell the same thing, but have a different design and ad copy. Each ad will be shown an even number of times, at random to different people. After your campaign has run long enough, we’ll be able to analyze what advertisement performs better, and ultimately run the one that converts the most. Testing never stops. When one ad clearly outperforms the other, another one will be created in its place and matched against it.




What is a campaign?
A campaign is a group of ads that share the same budget and are usually about a single product or service.

What is an impression?
Every time your ad is viewed, it’s called an “impression”. So if 100 people saw your ad twice, that would count as 200 impressions.

What does cost-per-click (CPC) mean?
Cost-per-click is the amount you pay everytime someone clicks on your ad.

What does cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) mean?
CPM is the amount you pay every 1000 impressions your ad gets.

Who do I pay?
Facebook for your advertising budget. Chilliwack Design for campaign management. Your ad spend (advertising budget) will be billed to your credit card by Facebook. Campaign management will be billed to your credit card by Chilliwack Design.

What if my ad spend goes over my budget?
It won’t – ever. When you set an advertising budget, that is the maximum that will be spent.

Will my ad show up in peoples news feed or on the right-hand side with all the other advertisements?
Both. Generally ads in peoples news feeds have a higher click-through-rate.



  • Campaign Management

  • Campaign Management
  • Choose your ad budget
  • Ad Targeting
  • Analytics reporting
  • Ad Design
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Schedule Your Ads
  • Pay Per Click or By Ad Impression
  • Extensive Keyword/Interests Research
  • Monthly Meeting
  • Website Consultation
  • A/B Split Performance Testing
  • No contracts (cancel anytime)
  • $395 Setup Fee +

    (includes first month)

  • $99

    per month

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* Recommended campaign length is 3 months for best results.