About Chilliwack Design

Chilliwack DesignChilliwack Design is a local web agency with a big city vision. We make designing a website something fun and exciting for our clients. Involved with website design and Internet marketing since 2007, we focus on creating highly functional, user friendly, optimized sites for any budget.

About Brittany

Brittany Menard, Chilliwack, BCMy name is Brittany Menard and I grew up in Chilliwack. My entrepreneurial spirit was born early and had me exploring business concepts at a young age. When I was twelve I had the idea to buy and sell domain names, which was really unheard of back then. Now it’s a common practice. Design, redesign, usability and function have always been keen interests of mine, so web design was a natural career path for me. And I learned long ago that it’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel – taking an already good solution and developing it further, or customizing it to suit a particular need can be just as practical as starting from scratch. To me, good design is simple, it’s intuitive and it should never frustrate the user. So, the vision for my company was to provide clients with solid, relevant design concepts and the highest level of customer service. This has led to being a very satisfied business owner and allowed me to establish some great relationships with my clients. Anyone can do their job, but at Chilliwack Design we thrive on going beyond what’s expected, and you can always go right with that.